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If you have purchased a cuckoo clock with manual or automatic night shut off for strike, cuckoo call and music then you will find the operation lever on the left side of the cuckoo clock or below the clock case; Cuckoo clocks with manual night shut off have 2 options. Official Black Forest clock certified by the VDS. Instructions for VDS Cuckoo Clocks Before hanging up the clock please carefully read these operating instructions. Rhythm Wall Clock Instructions Only.

Sternreiter Clocks; Wall Clocks. Warranty: Two years. Sternreiter cuckoo clocks are a fine display of true German tradition and quality. A Sternreiter original! Repeat this step until you hear an even tick tock sound. Traditional 1 day Leaf & Bird 9&39;&39; cuckoo clock by Sternreiter - Duration:. The following cuckoo clock instructions are a good set of generic instructions that will work with most cuckoo clocks.

Featuring traditional Bavarian chalet, the Sternreiter 1390 Musicians Cuckoo Clock depicts a charming scene with cheerful musicians playing instruments next to an animated waterwheel. We want you to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure with your new clock, but we must firstly ensure you follow these important setup instructions. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Operating Instructions for Quartz Cuckoo Clocks Please read this operating instructions carefully before handling your clock. 1 Day Carved Cuckoo ;. The finest case makers and movement builders from around the world combine their talents to produce a line of heirloom timepieces. The traditional pendulum tick of this clock gives it an antique vibe.

Dollar is partially responsible for high prices, as well. A magnificent design comprising of Grape leaves, Maple leaves and a carved bird top in a traditional and elegant walnut finish, makes this clock a must have. Some cuckoo clocks have hands made of bone or wood, these hands are hard to get in wood and nearly impossible to find in bone. CUCKOO CLOCK BELLOWS PAPER MATERIAL W/ TEMPLATES & INSTRUCTIONS. These instructions are for the most frequent kind of hand style, celluloid or plastic hands with brass hardware for the minute hand.

We are happy to be of assistance. Cuckoo Clock Repair Tips - How to Fix a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Sligh Battery Operated Clock Manual (pdf file) Seiko Touch Sensor Clock Owners Manual. Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Instruction Setup Video - Duration: 8:48. Instructions Swiss Cuckoo Clock - В В· Cuckoo Clock Manual Posted on Novem By clockde. Browse a huge collection of original made in Germany Sternreiter Black Forest cuckoo clocks, heirloom mantel and wall clocks and traditional mechanical alarm clocks. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Print these pages for reference if you have misplaced your booklet.

European Gift Palace 138,200 views. Cuckoo Clock Deer Antlers Hunter Case Parts NEW 5" Length Stag Set of 2 Germany. If you have just purchased a unique traditional Black Forest Cuckoo Clock CONGRATULATIONS! .

Cuckoo Clock Setup. Never adjust the time by moving the hour hand, since this will cause the exact same problem. If the clock sounds lopsided, (tick TOCK) take the pendulum off and push the rod on which you hang the pendulum further toward one side or the other. The Sternreiter Bird and Leaf Cuckoo Clock is an exhibit of this master craftsmanship with grape leaves, maple leaves and a carved bird on top. In 1935 the Star-Rider logo was synonymous with fine cutlery and flatware.

If you have purchased a cuckoo clock with manual or automatic night shut off for strike, cuckoo call and music then you will find the operation lever on the left side sternreiter cuckoo clock instructions manual of the cuckoo clock or below the clock case; Cuckoo clocks with manual night shut off have 2 options. This clock is hand made in Germany. To print, select "Print" from the toolbar along the top of your web browser, or select "Print" from the "File" menu along the top of your screen. Sternreiter Bird and Leaf Cuckoo Clock - 1301-STERNREITE.

There are a lot of decisions to make before buying a Black Forest cuckoo clock. It is very important to apply exactly the procedure described therein. - Open the back cover and insert 2 (for clocks with music 3) batteries type „Baby“ as indicated in the battery holder.

When you purchased your clock you would have received some written instructions. analog clocks (with hands) Atomic Clocks Manual – (Analog clock with hands) Howard Miller Analog Atomic Clock Manual (used on most current model Howard Miller atomic clocks) atomic clocks with an LCD display Howard Miller Techtime Atomic Clock Manualorwith LCD Screen. This charming and inexpensive cuckoo clock has leaves and a bird that are hand carved from solid Linden wood. Complete selection of components for cuckoo clocks. Sternreiter clocks are designed, maintained and built by craftsmen with over sixty years of experience. Description: Set of 3 flexible silicone replacement diaphragms fits many singing bird cages. These care and setup instructions are included with every new Cuckoo Clock.

It has a mechanical brass movement driven by pine-shaped wooden weights. Sternreiter – German Hand Carved Cuckoo Clock is an endearing and premium wall clock that has been hand-carved in Germany. Place the lever in the "on" position if you want your clock to "cuckoo" and play music (on models so equipped). You should strive to keep the original box that the clock is shipped in just in case you ever need to ship it back for warranty reasons. Some boxes will have a false bottom where you will find the weights and/or pendulum stored. Bring home this beautiful hand-made German Cuckoo Clock with Eight-Day Movement by Sternreiter. When you are ready for a new cuckoo clock, we offer a wide selection of quality, authentic cuckoo clocks at our online store. Sternreiter is the mark of true care.

Sternreiter is a mark of true care. Push slightly past the point of resistance, in the direction of the LONGER tick. However, Chinese language models are mostly based off of the Korean model and some functions may be different or not implemented in the imported models.

However, when the chiming becomes. Rating is available when the video has been rented. 1) Unpack the cuckoo clock with care! The top of the hour is like a grand finale where the chiming is at its longest, followed by the striking of the hour. While written specifically for Connecticut type spring driven clocks, parts are applicable to German and French clocks as well as American style Japanese clocks. The when the clock strikes the hour or half-hour, the door opens, a cuckoo appears and calls along with the clocks gong strike. Vintage clock Emil Schmeckenbecher was a clock manufacturer of many Cuckoo clocks.

Be sure to check and remove, from the box, the other parts such as pendulum, crest and weights. Specializing in traditional hand carved clocks, chalet style clocks and vintage cuckoo clocks, Sternreiter produces all of their cuckoo clocks by hand following the strict tradition for which the clock makers of Germany are so well known. When removing the cuckoo clock from the box please hold it at the roof. Majority of our manuals reflects the model that are imported in the United States. Read More. Instructions for One Day with Music Cuckoo Clocks Instructions (PDF) Instructions for Eight Day with Music Cuckoo Clocks Instructions (PDF) Instructions for One Day without Music. This book covers material no other repair book covers.

Includes one each of the 1st diaphragm with windpipe indent, end cap, and center diaphragm with washer. Unfortunately, the declining value of the U. OPERATING instructions. Unpack with care! The mechanical brass movement is. Manuals for Cuckoo Clocks River sternreiter cuckoo clock instructions manual City 811-14Q Quartz Cuckoo Clock Manual Traditional Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Manual Eight Day Mechanical Cuckoo Clock Owners Manual. Cuckoo clocks with automatic night. Cuckoo Clock Instructions 1) Unpack the cuckoo clock sternreiter with care!

But once someone has finally chosen a cuckoo clock style, movement, music and animation, the excitement really begins. Manuals for Keywound Clocks Howard Miller Keywound Mantel Clock Manual (pdf file). Most River City Cuckoo clocks have a "silent" lever on the side or bottom of the case. Buy with confidence from Timeley & Timeless authorized Sternreiter dealer. Please read the instructions very carefully before you begin mounting and setting up your clock. Hands for cuckoo clocks are usually celluloid or plastic.

On this page you are able to find all of our current models of rice cookers from Cuckoo Electronics. Sternreiter clocks are designed, maintained, and built by craftsmen with over sixty sternreiter cuckoo clock instructions manual years of experience. If the cuckoo calls the wrong hour (cuckoos 3 times at 4 o’clock), loosen the hour hand by carefully pulling it off the shaft, move the hand to the 3 o’clock position once it is loose, and push it back onto the shaft. Cuckoo clocks often feature intricate carving work made by German master carvers, which make a cuckoo clock a piece of art rather than a time piece. With proper care, your clock can last for generations.

CUCKOO CLOCK ELEMENTS: sternreiter cuckoo clock instructions manual Carved bird top - maple leaves - grape leaves - Regula movement by SBS-Feintechnik - Walnut finished linden wood - A Sternreiter original - Wooden whistles - Cuckoo calls. Pay attention to + and -. Seiko QHR020WLH Rwave LCD Owners. The German music box mechanism offers two tunes and a shut-off switch for both the cuckoo call and the music. Position I is off and position III is on.

Cuckoo clocks with manual night shut off have 2 options. Manual shut-off switch for cuckoo call. - Turn the hands clockwise till they point to 12 o’clock.

Atomic Clocks Manuals. and manuals search - Hermle Clock Repair Manual Emil Schmeckenbecher Mantle Clock - Dunhaven (RE: tietzedet) By BOBJAYR in forum Clock Repair Replies: 11 Last Post:, 12:07 AM. Each cuckoo clock that we ship comes with a user manual and instructions for set-up. If you dust it semi-regularly and treat it with a reasonable amount of delicacy, your cuckoo clock will continue to operate long into the future.

For instance: detailed explanation of the operation of the Regula rack and snail system; the cuckoo bird locking mechanism; Hubert Herr movements; Schatz Movements; detailed explanation of adjusting a music box; automation and animation; how to build a cuckoo clock test stand; plus, how to remove the dreaded pressed on. Congratulations on purchasing a Cuckoo Clock! If you have purchased a cuckoo clock with manual or automatic night shut off for strike, cuckoo call and music then you will find the operation lever on the left side of the cuckoo clock or below the clock case (picture no 16a or 16b). See enlarged view.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email! . Wooden hands, numbers, and carved wooden bird. Put the pendulum on and listen to the tick tock again.

Sternreiter cuckoo clock instructions manual

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